Refusing Culturae Mundi

I looked at the posts in the facebook group and I saw the Culturae Mundi vacancy and I applied and they called me for an interview that was a complete success. However, as at that moment I did not have a portfolio or any reel I could show them, they asked me to do a shooting trial in Coventry Canal Basin on the 13th November as a part of the peace festival.

As a result of shooting that concert they definitely wanted me to work with them.  But also as a consequence of that night I start to think about the working mode I really want to achieve with the internship. From the beginning I knew that I would like to be part of a team and work with someone else because I think is the best way to learn the methods used in a different place –which is actually what I am looking for.  At that moment I remembered my internship of this summer and I realized that the experience I want to get in UK has to be the same. Learn from professionals with amazing careers that can teach you more with their experience than any book or module could do. Being part of a team in which you can learn from any member, working under real pressure –not just a university deadline, being in charge of a specific duty being fully responsible of its result, is what I am looking for.

HEre I attach the acceptation they send me I did refuse.

Culturae Mundi-HR Manager