A bit more of feedback

So I have managed to fix  all the things Chantal told me to change, even if this is a starting point and I am using wordpress. Well, there are some limitations in this free version , for example you can customize a theme in terms of fonts and colors but you cannot personalize the home page of a theme. But, I did my best to make it appealing.

Anyway, I ask her to have another look at it. Here I attach a screen shot of her answer.





Matt Jonshon also gave me his comment on my first version portfolio. Their feedback is really good because they are actually photographers and professionals of photography, they look at photographer portfolios every day, they know what it is meant to have, what actually works, and what the auidence or potential clients want to see.

His feedback is really useful, but unluckily there is nothing I can do right now, I should make better projects and reportages, try to find out a common point or style in all my stuff so that people will see what makes me different from anyone, and be interested in my rather in anyone else. Despite this is something I cannot fix right now I am really glad he told me because that’s something I didn’t think about.

He actually make a comment on the quality of my works, that is not something that I can change right now but it is probably the most worthy thing I could receive.


Then he e-amiled me back with more feedback for the moment,  about the organization and specific design of a documentary photographer. He also thinks info is important for a documentary photographer.




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