Final reflection

When this module began in the first term I remember thousands of questions coming up to my mind. This is a third year module that gets you ready for the real world, for the working world. How to have a job when you finish your degree is such a big question and 364 MC is going to help you out with that.

But, I wasn’t finishing in 232 days as they said in the first lecture, and I wasn’t sure what I want to be either. People enrolled in 364 have done ‘201 Professional Experience’ a year ago and probably have keep working since then and have already made their minds up about their professional career. However, I have not done any of those things (in fact I have been enrolled in 201 at the same time that this one). My only actual professional experience has been precisely during  the last summer and I could have continued but I came here.

Nevertheless, what I did have in common with everybody else is that I was looking for being ready for the ‘big bad world’. I am aware I have developed this module in a very particular way. But I think that’s precisely what we are meant to do, to find our way, to plan our journey, to get to know, to get ready before coming out.

So, as I said at the very beginning wasn’t even sure which path I would like to take. That’s why my first research, my first chats with professionals were more like a way to find out what I want to do, instead of being a way to know what exactly I have to do. I mean, when you are researching and knowing about how to start a professional journey is when you actually realize what you want to do. When you are not sure if you have the skills required, you don’t feel identified when you read the profile required of a vacancy, or you listen people talking about how to break into a field and you are not sure if you want to go through that, if you are still doubting… that is not your way.

Through 364 MC I have discovered what I am really willing to do and how to achieve it. In fact, I haven’t discovered just one way to get it, but several options. That makes me feel confident and ready to react to any difficulties, to not to get stuck. Also, I have made really helpful contacts that I may use at some point of my professional career.

I have already started my journey.



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