Scriptwriting. Meeting Mez Packer

Mez Packer is actually a novelist but I found interesting to have a chat with her because in the Media Playground she run a little workshop related to creativity and scriptwriting. The duty was to make the audience laugh given certain conditions, not use this, use that… So, her experience and advice can be useful in terms of writing stories, understanding the audience but also in relation to networking.

Even my tutor recommend me to speak with her when I first said I was interested in scriptwriting. mezpacker

Contact details

Mez Packer


I e-mailed her and we arranged an appointment.  And we have met today and I attach here  the audio .


But I am also writing down the key things we went through during the meeting.

What are the key skills of a scriptwriter?

Perseverance. It is about having talent but more than having talent it is about being perseverant and having patience. You have to know how to Deal with the rejections. You have to wait to somebody who likes your stuff. I mean, if you receive 100 rejections maybe this is not for you but if you receive 50 just wait until someone likes it.

How to break into this industry?

How I did? I get published a book. Get something published! That’s the way. Well, there are many ways. I was recognized as a writer and then was asked to write different type of scripts, I am in publicity, and have written a script for an iPhone application. I would recommend you to join a writing development group. That’s for me the beginning.

I would also recommend you to star writing little pieces and then move forward.

1: Flash fiction (

2: Short stories – extend your ideas – read and try writing some short stories. Short stories are definitely a great place to start.

3: Scripts (Writing West Midlands – is a great place to start here in Coventry, but in Spain, or wherever – look for literature and writing development agencies). Start thinking about (and listening to) radio dramas, or writing short scripts and monologues for theatre. Try and network and meet actors, theatre people and think about what you might write for that oeuvre.

4: Use Twitter to find and network with Spanish writers.

5: Send completed work to agents here or in the US and Spain (Spain initially of course if you are writing in Spanish).


There is this in Spain but I am not sure if they write in English or in Spanish


My Reflection after this chat.

It was a lovely chat but above all it was useful. She told me things I haven’t considered yet, she gave me clues to research in Spain.

She provided me the idea of not going for scriptwriting directly, of trying everything related. Just go for everything.

She helped me out with the big question about writing in spanish or english. I am definitely going to start in Spanish.




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