Choosing a farm

Ok, so after changing the dates and after asking for further details to the hosts by phone, we have to make a decission among these farms. Today I am going to see my partner and pick just one, the rest would be warned of being a backup plan. We have to consider loads of things in terms of filming. What would be the most attractive visual things? But also in terms of the story, who are the best characters? This is quite presumptuous.

Farm options

As soon as we pick one I will be filling the risk assesment, and we will be getting ready for that specific location.



BBC work experience

I just read a post from Karen at the professional experience opportunities facebook group and I particularly find the wimbledon work experience interesting so I applied for it.

Here it is the BBC dashboard saying that is submitted, who knows if this time I will be lucky?!


Wwoofing Documentary. Pre-production changes.

Tutorial with Steven today and as I have already imagined we have to change the dates, so its time to phone everybody!

Also I have to attend a skills session for the GoPro if I want to use it.

And I am meeting my partner to decide about looking for a sound recordist. Her opinion is that is not a good idea, I understand why she thinks like that but we are definitely taking a risk with this decision.

The point is that that third person should be interested in this as much as we are, not only in terms of be professional and willing to work without any payment and spend money in transport, but only because you have to work as wwoofer as well. Also we should re-ask every single host about being three, but the main thing is that is not that easy to find someone with that profile. You can find out someone really good at sound willing to collaborate in a documentary film but all these things…at least not from one day to another and we are in such a rush!


WWoofing Documentary. Week 5 pre-production

My partner and I are researching about the most convenient host.

At the moment we have received 4 negative answers and 3 positives We are making now a pro and cons list of the positives. At the end of the post there is a document attached.

I receive all kind of suggestions from Scarlett guiding our research (community)

I am already in contact with Sue Coppard, she is willing to be interviewed  (also makes suggestions).  I started e-mailing her but I am now speaking with her by phone. We have already arranged a meeting at her house but we still in touch talking about the project. She is also making suggestions and


wwoof host details edited

Fourth week at EGO

This week I went to the exteriors filming day. Also from the KINO EGO.

The reason why I am not going to the others is because they are just in rehearsal, I will go to the performances and events.

from 1 pm to 6 pm

Third week at EGO

I wen with the KINO EGO (film workshop) directed by Fran Porter to the shooting day. The day they putt into practice all

Today is interiors shooting. Next week will be exteriors shooting, which means natural light! Even if in UK natural light will probably mean a grey cloudy day it would be much better than the lights inside EGO.