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Budget1 Credit List1 Crew Information Sheet1 First papers of Peace of Mind (schedule, storyboard, synpsis) PEACE OF MIND SCRIPT (Last version). Elena Nebreda. PEACE OF MIND SCRIPT (new version checked). Elena Nebreda. PEACE OF MIND SCRIPT (new version). Elena Nebreda. PEACE OF MIND SCRIPT (Version 2.0). Elena Nebreda. PEACE OF MIND SCRIPT .Version 11.02. Elena Nebreda. PEACE OF MIND SCRIPT version III Elena Nebreda.. Elena Nebreda. Production Meeting Notes 1 Production Meeting Notes 2 Production Meeting Notes3 Production Meeting Notes4 Production Meeting Notes5 Production Meeting Notes6 Production Meeting Notes7 Production Meeting Notes8 Production Meeting Notes9 Production Meeting Notes10 Short Film. Developing ideas. Warriors. (1) Those are the documents that we had already made for Peace of Mind.

And here they are the documents for Remaining Innocence. Due to the rushes there is not an incredible amount of papers . Just one person and just one week, I have worked really hard though.

Budget Music Cue Sheet Casting Sign-in Sheet Crew Information Sheet Crew Information Sheet2  Crew Information Sheet3 Log Sheet Location Agreement

And below ( when scanning it got saved as if it was a photo instead of a document)  you can find the storyboard:

storyboard 2 storyboard1 storyboard3 storyboard4


Final screening

Final screening. Last feedback
Sound seems to be stock I have turned down all the volumes and keep key-framing audio, hopefully I got a better result.
Some shots are clearly overexposed. I have applied once again colour correction but I am afraid they are loosing too much quality too.
There is a shadow that seems to be from other person, try to re-frame it was their advice. However it was impossible to do this. The camera and the actress make a movement so if I reframe the shadow there would be a part in which I cut the actress. There is no option in make a cut to the scene because if a reframe one part and not the other I am going to bang th scene.
I have had a look at all the other takes of this scene. They are out of focus, you can see the camera operator in the mirror, or the actress doesnt performance very well. So there is no solution I am afraid.
I have changed the credits also in the latest version.
So you can find the final video at

Rough cut screening

This is my rough cut film

Interesting feedback after the screening last thursday, lecturers and classmates pointed out some obvious fails of my film but also others that I haven’t thought about.

It has been impossible to re-shot. I did get  actress and location just for one day. And after the feedback on Thursday I really consider re-shot as better option and I have found a better location, a bigger bedroom in  But my actress and my crew are no available now due to deadlines and stressful uni weeks. So I think that instead of starting from scratch once again I am going to invest all those hours it would take into editing. Hopefully I will get something better. 

Things I am managing to fix

-Sound design.  The clock sounds is some times really hight but other times you cannot even hear it. I have recorded the clock sounding for 3 minutes and keep it the whole movie and then key-framing it in order to play with volume.

-The face on the mirror. I did reframe the shot and you cannot see her anymore. Not really big reframe so hopefully it doesn’t affect very much the shot quality.

-People do not get the story properly. They think that she has a partner in the war or that the diary is from his father maybe. Put a voice over in order to guide the audience didn’t seem to me as the very best idea. Just read the diary wouldn’t make such a huge difference as you have to wait until the last moment to understand it, and put a voice over from the very beginning would spoil the story. I want the audience to know she is a soldier but I dont want to tell everything from the very beginning, I prefer kind of waterfall structure, so with the boots, some pictures or posters and then the diary you can build up the idea, no matter if you reach it up a few seconds after wathcing it.

keep-calm-and-smile-camp-bastion Foto2 So, apart from the poster that I already had before I have faked a picture of she dressed as a soldier in order to make the evidence. It is impossible that people do not get the idea if they watch her wearing the uniform. So I have refilmed just this scene by myself adding this new picture.

-Some shots are out of focus. As we are not re-shooting, I have added a sharpen effect while editing and I think it is quite concealed now.

-BBC contents in my film. This has driven me mad for ages. When shooting I put a BBC video from their web page and let the logo thinking that if tou left the brand its actually kind of a reference, you are far away from being stealing anything. However in the feedback they told me I should remove the audio and I did it. In fact by that moment the audio was a fake already so I just have to delete the journalist voice over and leave my paranormal sound that is a creative commons. In relation to the image, that last just about 2 seconds I have done some research. On BBC web page you can find this quite easy All rights, including copyright, in the content of these BBC web pages are owned or controlled for these purposes by the BBC.In accessing the BBC’s web pages, you agree that you may only download the content for your own personal non-commercial use.Except where expressly stated otherwise, you are not permitted to copy, broadcast, download, store (in any medium), transmit, show or play in public, adapt or change in any way the content of these BBC web pages for any other purpose whatsoever without the prior written permission of the BBC´. However is not that easy to find contac information to ask for that permission!
Anyway I am probably getting in troubles in terms of show or play in public, but is such a ridicoulous time, just two seconds. And it also says personal non-comercial use and I am doing that kind of use I guess. So I keep researching and I found a section called ´Creative Archive licence´that allows me to do what I am doing as I am a student and I do not have commercial purposes.

-Soundscape  Include more sound effect/Ambient sound/Background noise/

I have Recorded a long track of clock noise. and play with it key framing.

Record the ambient sound of a bedroom

Unlike with the shots I can re-record sound non-depending on someonelse availability

diary seems to fake, it should be smaller to carry it to the war and it should be a bit dirty after Afghanistan days. I  should have re film to get this because I can remake the closeups with a better diary but as it is also in wider shots handed by the actress there is no pint in doing the closeups but not the wider ones, as I would be just creating faux de raccord.


Things I am not managing to fix

-Light seemed strange, very artificial. Lots of shadows on the wall that are not cinematic at all.

I tried to some adjust in the edit stage but no effect can fix this. No colour correction or adjust effect is able to make shadows disappear. It just spoils the shots, you can get them really overexposed and shadows are still there. Also I played with lighting effects


Shooting Remaining Innocence. My first experience as a director

So, this has been the first time ever I have been in charge of directing a film crew.

It wasn’t easy at all. First of all I have spent the weekend building up the idea and suddenly I was recruiting people from everywhere so that people were no involved with the idea at all. Some people would be wondering by this time if recruiting people two days before shooting is actually a good idea. Well, I did consider not to, and do everything on my own. Apart from the obvious difficulty of that, it didn’t convince me the fact that in case of doing it on my own I would be missing what I consider an important part of this module: understanding how production actually works. When we did the filming test some weeks ago one of the biggest mistakes that Systematics and Stephen pointed out in our group was that we were mixing up roles. That was true and at that moment I realised that I had never ever work in an actual professional way as until this year most people I work with had the philosophy of doing everything you are good at and it probably leads into no-one having actual responsibility of something specific. Even here at Coventry University when producing the documentary film we did kind of the same thing. I was camera operator but also they were, in fact we were up to three camera operator at different moments and I really believed that that affected heavily to our footage. So, it was more than obvious that I have to be the director. I found a second year media production for camera operator and a first year media production as a sound recordist. My production assistant is not a professional of this field but has a sound knowledge of it as he has worked for the industry many years as a body double and then set up an amateur audiovisual producer with some colleagues.
Anyway, I did my best at explaining it to them and I really think that they understood it, but obviously there was not enough time to get them to really believe in the project.

I put my biggest effort into actress and camera operator but ambient would have been better if I had had time enough also for production assistant and sound recordist.

I explained everyone their roles. I basically take the theory out from  Roles & Responsibilities (p.96) & Organizing the Shoot & Set Etiquette (p101) Dawkins, S & Wynd, I (2010) Video Production, Putting Theory Into Practice. New York, Palgrave Macmillan

However, When the DAY came setting up the set seemed to be impossible mission. First of all, Lighting was a completely disaster. We had two options, the three point lighting and the practical light. I had already explained them to my camera operator so she was testing which one works better because I was already wondering if there was room enough to put 3 dedolights in here. Indeed there was no room enough for the third light, and obviously two lights made horrible shadows, but the practical didn’t work either. While testing the lights with the DSLR, we realised that we had other problem. This one with sound. The micro made a horrible noise. It was broken. Luckily we had a backplan, an edi roll. It was booked to be recording all the time just in case DV Pro Mixer fails (because most of people at this Uni have had some issues with DV Pro Mixer)
During the whole session that was the main problem. Also it was against me the fact that people were not really into it. I mean media people could see it as a way of getting some experience or some footages, but they rest were lacking of motivations I guess so , as time goes by they were more and more tired and only wanted to go home. That feeling of everybody in there making you a favour is just horrible. If we had been working together for months we would have all some excitement about the film and we would also know all how to react to the setbacks. It is not just the rest of the crew for not being 264mc module students and probably not be thrill about the film for not attending the encouraging lectures, it is even myself. I have been working hard during this months in Peace of Mind, I really believe in it, and I’ve been visualising it on my mind or even in a screen (we did montages of how it would look like). But this one I had just created it few days before so I hadn’t time to visualise anything and I was facing all directly on set.

Despite everything I really liked the experience. I am not very happy with the footage but I promise that at some moments of the night that crew was actually working properly, and people started to believe in the film and in ourselves. That was probably the biggest thing ever, run people and see that you are going in the good way. I am absolutely sure that if I have made this in just one day we are able to do a great short film with more time. Also i have to say that I am quite proud of everybody’s behaviour given the fact that two days before they did know anything about ‘Remaining Innocence’.



Remaining Innocence. A countdown. Looking for actress

Look for actress in just a couple of days was crazy. At first I didnt even had a proper script so I thought that put an advertisement without having an actual story or a character profile didn’t make any sense at all. But, as soon as I got my first draft of the script I started to look for people. I went to the Performing Arts area at Elen Terry building (Coventry University) to look for an actress. The chilling area was in fact full of people, nevertheless most of them were boys and the few girls didn’t fit the physical profile at all.
Someone told me that people from third year was really busy now with final projects and so on, and moreover they wont be probably willing to act for that kind of last minute project as it doesnt sound really professional… And probably people from first year were too childish for my film. I was looking for a girl in her latest twenties to be honest. She could be just on her twenties as she looks like a bit older.
So I moved to the Music and Theater Society and I asked a member to put a post on their facebook group. Same result than before. No one seemed to be interested. Quite hard when you see 72 seens and no answer at all. The girl who posted it said the same that the performing student, bad dates and too many rushes.
My last option was to put hand made advertisement in any uni building and I was just looking for someone willing to act but I did an audition with the two candidates. I asked them to do three basics scenes from Remaining Innocence. MY production assistan was with me and my camera operator saw the videos after. I did take into consideraton their opinions or points about them.

To me, the other one physical appearence fits much more with my character profile, but she got block in order to do the panic attack. She


Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 19.08.15 Auditions on  Tuesday 11th

So I decided Isabel was going to be my actress. The good points about it was that she was in fact able to performance a panic attack and above all that she was willing to do it! She was actually buzzing for be my main character. Given the fact that no one of them was a professional actress studing performing arts or even envolved in some theater group or anything, Isabel was great because she confessed that she has played for short films when she was little and that in fact she wanted to be an actress when she was  child. So, maybe she wasn´t  put all in in order to get experience or material for a show reel but she was into it and that´s what does matter!

Developing a new idea. Countdown.

So the result of todays tutorial was a couple of ideas that I should connect in an actual script.
The ideas were the following ones:

Young soldier that went to Afghanistan war.

One location, a bedroom. Let the bedroom speaks of my character.

Main character is a women. Two facts in here, the whole class was using men characters and that was quite disappointing for me but now it provides me a way to make a difference. Because some people did consider women characters but as a soldiers wives not as soldiers themselves.  Also the fact that although never has come out an exact number of women in Afghanistan they are key as due to cultural reasons they are the only ones who can get the INFO from most of the civilians.

Film some really nice shots, usea an steady cam and play with camera movements. An arch around her face could be great.